Excerpt from “Musings of A (Not) Madman”

1PM, but the skies I look at say otherwise
As the sun and moon align in front of our eyes
I see a reflection of what runs through my mental
There are these memories that feel like a rental
Contrary to me now, me then smiled more

A fall breeze tickles the orange and green leaves

And I realize I have a lot more in common with thieves

Daydreaming, autumn glory outside my window

And my mind chugs along in a gentle flow

It was crystal clear, I’m not a good guy

And it might be time…

I woke up this morning, confidence brimming

At this point breakfast would be too filling

First thing, smile in the mirror because I could

Because someone with confidence would

Something about today, I thought I could

No scratch that, I KNEW I could.

This line of thinking might be dangerous

They sit, delaying the inevitability of sleep

On a rooftop as the sun begins to peek

He turns, a slight breeze passing by

He appreciates as the sun still holds her eye

The wind gives her hair a slight bounce

His joy covered fatigue by the ounce

Back to the…

Image by Tyler. cxc.slim on Instagram.

A brisk night, a month away from spring

And a thought of you comes to ring

I should’ve forgotten you, long ago

At least the flashes aren’t a stubbed toe

To you, I’m a past thought from an eon long gone

Because my attention you have not actively called upon

It’s how things have always been

Is what I commonly hear to defend

Tradition, the pinnacle of humanity

It guides us from life’s apparent vanity

It’s the hopscotch to live a good life

To minimize inevitable strife

I eat this way and do this praise

And a question you do…

Sometimes my ego gets the best of me

A boastful bandit not shy of gluttony

Marching down Michigan Ave

Thinking what can’t he have?

He’ll take the coat, the shoes, and the woman too

And even then, all that is too few

He asks Saks Fifth, if you’ll be mine

I do not know you, and that’s rough

So sitting in silence isn’t all that tough

See I want to talk to you

But I’m not sure how to talk to you

My friends are few and I’ve known them a while

A long while, a throwback to running the…

The skies sit in a slight overcast

No sun here waving at half mast

I lay wondering at what I just witnessed

It brought you closer even though you remain distanced

You were there, my fingertips in reach

Yet something repelled me in your speech

Maybe the curtain is being pulled closed

And I’ve hit the dead end of this road

All I wanted was a little more time

Because I can’t put the reason to your rhyme

Two months, and it’s been radio silent

So I’m on my own as the pilot

There’s no ill will if that’s your worry

That all left me in an earlier flurry

Until then it’s time to make my own peace and go

Because I have no intention of staying low

I sit in the sun

Remembering all our fun

Thinking, “how’s it done?”

One day, two days, three

Searching and waiting to see

If you come to me

I’m feeling lifted

Feels like today was gifted

Life’s course has shifted

No time here for dread

To the happy place painted red

Eating honeyed bread


Gwendolyn Brooks’ Ignored Protégé. 90s Website Freelancer. Amateur Voice Actor.

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